Neith are Kim Neith Thompson and Rob Neith Nicholson. They are collaborative sculptors who, predominantly, work in wood.

Their work is placed all over Britain on large and  monumental scale. They specialise in Public Works of Art although do undertake large scale private work.

Based in Dorset and working nationwide, they are open to new, interesting large scale commissions and installations.


Owermoigne, Dorset



We are collaborative artists who work mainly with wood. As people we are deeply in tune with nature and our art is, generally, based around such themes. Because of this, wood, is the obvious choice for our sculpture. It adds its own grace and beauty to all our of work and we try to bring the best out of this inherent quality. We draw inspiration from working in a woodland and we strive to really "see" our surroundings, whatever they maybe.

As artists we have a symbiotic relationship. Our styles and strengths really complement one and other and we're able to push each other in a creative sense. We are equally at home carving both figuratively and abstractly and we use both modern and traditional tools to achieve our aims. Most of our work is crafted using chainsaws, however, allowing us to work quickly and with a real creative flow.

The wood we use is UK grown, sustainably sourced and classified as durable. We work with other contractors to ensure a safe and quality installation process of all our pieces. We use timber that would otherwise be seen as a waste product or firewood. We are environmentally aware and work in a manner that befits this. Longevity and durability are as important to us as our creativity and they inform all our work.

 We passionately believe that creativity is hiding in all of us and we really enjoy engaging local communities and school children to bring this to fore and engender investment in our public works. We specialise in community or school led pieces and are capable of leading design processes where all parties are involved. Our finished works are often interactive as well as aesthetically pleasing and, being from wood, help to reconnect people to their surroundings and the natural world as well promoting creativity and wellbeing. We work in response to the environment, history, nature and people  and our works tend to be site specific.