This page illustrates a typical process for one of our sculptures. It also shows how important traceability and using sustainable timbers is to our work.

The Stinsford Wizard

 We were commissioned by a private client to provide a centre piece for his garden. We undertook a lengthy design process with our client at the start of the project which culminated in a much simplified version than our initial proposal. Getting both our visions to match took several reworks of the design.  Once the design was agreed we  sourced some Oak from AG Trees Services, Broadmayne. The tree was in decline so had been selected for removal as part of a 10 year thinning and replanting plan in Greys Wood, an area of approximately 60 acres of Ancient and Semi-Natural coppice with standards woodland in Stinsford, Dorchester.

 After delivery of the timber we could start carving the sculpture. The wizard was 8ft in height and the finished piece is now happily ensconced in our clients garden. The piece fits perfectly and achieves all the aims that we set out to achieve.