Wether as part of a  Public Art Project or as a standalone series of workshops, we have years of experience at engaging communities, people of all ages  and schools through our Creative Workshops.

Engaging a community in an art project not only gives them a wonderful insight into the creative process but it also engenders a sense of ownership in the final piece and helps to ensure that it enriches the location and people who interact with it. 

Art and creativity is proven to be of benefit to mental health and encourages creative thinking. This is a vital tool for our young people and our workshops are designed to encourage true creativity, within a brief, rather than for participants to copy a central idea or concept. We believe in providing a "learning through free play" framework, where experimentation and the process is more valuable than the end result.

We work with various mediums during the workshops and can make each session unique to ensure a constant engagement. We tailor each workshop to the age and ability of the participants. 

Our Workshops can enhance current arts provision in schools and can help where provision is limited. 

To enquire about our Creative Workshops for Schools or Communities/Groups then please contact us:

07912976334        info@neithart.co.uk